Democrats walk away from compromise, leave unbalanced “status quo budget”

SPRINGFIELD – Democrats ended the 2015 Spring Legislative Session by ramming through unbalanced budget after shooting down every aspect of pro-jobs reforms, according to State Senator Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington).

“Democrat leaders had complete control of Illinois government for 12 years and ran our state into the ground,” said Sen. Barickman. “Now they refuse to help clean up the mess they created.”

Democrat leaders spent the last week of the session ramming through an unbalanced budget that even they admit spends at least $3 billion more than the state is estimated to take in.

They followed that up by shooting down common-sense, pro-jobs reforms, including workers’ comp and lawsuit reforms, as well as a much-needed property tax freeze. They also blocked popular citizen-driven reforms such as term limits and fair map proposals, by not even allowing them to be heard in committee.

“The people of Illinois made it clear they were ready for change when they elected Governor Bruce Rauner, but Democrat leadership didn’t get the message” said Senator Barickman. “Instead, Democrat leaders have made it clear that they have no desire to end the failed status quo.”

Governor Rauner has repeatedly stated that he will not sign another unbalanced budget, and that he, and lawmakers from both parties, will need to work together toward reforming the jobs climate before approving any new state revenue.

“The people of Illinois have been clear, they’re unwilling to send any more of their hard-earned money to a government that lacks much-needed reforms,” said Sen. Barickman. “I urge Democrat leaders to embrace the reforms that will allows us to fix our broken fiscal condition and create new, good paying jobs in Illinois.”

The Illinois Senate is scheduled to return for additional session days beginning on June 9th, the Illinois House returns on June 4th.

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