Senator Barickman says Governor offers positive path forward

Springfield– According to State Senator Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington), Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner used his second “State of the State” address to lay out a series of major reform proposals that could help chart a bipartisan path toward repairing the state’s broken fiscal condition and weak job growth.

“We all mostly agree on the challenges we face, but we need to work together toward real reforms that will offer long-term solutions,” said Senator Barickman. “I think our Governor laid out a series of ambitious but achievable ideas that can do just that.”

Governor Rauner offered major proposals to reform the education, human services, and criminal justice systems, with the stated goal of moving from a reactive to a proactive government model. The Governor also offered plans to reshape how the government itself functions, including reforming the procurement system and IT infrastructure, as well as a new, more responsive economic development program.

Governor Rauner also continued his push to reduce workers’ compensation, which is often cited as the single biggest issue hampering job growth.

“We know we can make Illinois government more proactive, responsive and accountable, while helping to grow new, good-paying jobs,” said Senator Barickman. “I’m truly optimistic that our colleagues on the other side of the aisle have the will to work with us in true bipartisan fashion to make these goals a reality.”

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