Sen. Barickman co-sponsors major procurement reform legislation

Springfield– A new procurement reform measure could soon be saving the state half a billion dollars per year, according to State Sen. Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington), who is co-sponsoring the measure.

The current procurement code has been pointed to by agencies, universities, and businesses as too complicated to navigate, and as a source of rising costs to taxpayers. Senate Bill 2400 would streamline the required processes for state purchasing, improve oversight of the process, and save the state up to $500 million per year. 

“We know that our current procurement code drives up costs for taxpayers, delays important construction projects and makes it hard for Illinois businesses to work with the state,” said Sen. Barickman. “It’s our job to make the state more efficient, transparent, and responsive. That’s exactly what this bill will do.”

SB2400 would create exemptions to much of the red tape that has driven up purchasing costs. The legislation would also make it easier to qualify vendors to work with the state, and makes it easier for the businesses themselves to be certified for multi-year agreements.

Additionally, oversight would be improved by requiring the Illinois Auditor General to audit procurement every two years, as well as giving that office the ability to perform surprise audits on the agencies to make sure laws are being followed.

Senator Barickman has also sponsored legislation that would rely on savings from SB2400 to help fund community colleges, universities and MAP grant scholarships.

“Our current procurement code has been especially tough on our universities, leaving them with bigger bills from a smaller pool of vendors, and sometimes drags out the amount of time it takes to make small purchases to a year or more,” said Sen. Barickman. “This approach lets us save them large amounts of money now and uses statewide savings to help keep them operating.”

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