Senator Barickman honors education champion on Senate floor

Springfield – Streator Woodland’s own Luceille Werner was recognized on the floor of the Illinois Senate for her 69 years of championing the cause of education throughout the nation. Werner was a guest of Woodland alumni State Senator Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington).

“We all know that a good education gives our children the best chance of a successful and happy life,” said Senator Barickman. “Luceille has worked tirelessly for almost seven decades to make that a reality for students everywhere.”

Luceille was recognized for her contributions to education, including:

lDecades teaching, starting in a one-room schoolhouse in 1943.

lServing as an administrator for Woodland-Streator’s elementary program.

lLaunching a county institute in the mid-1960s to help prepare teachers.

lServing as curriculum consultant for the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

lRunning a federally-funded consulting operation for the Early Prevention of School Failure Program, and implementing the program in 6,000 schools nationwide.

lDeveloping and copyrighting hundreds of education materials, from which much of the proceeds were used to help support school programs.

Werner was also honored with a proclamation from Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner that stated in part that, “Lucille Werner has invaluably benefitted schools, students, and teachers in Illinois through her educational materials and programs.”

“I’ve been an educator for 69 years, and I thought it was important to come here and learn more about our government and get a better idea about the budget,” said Luceille Werner during her visit to the Illinois Capitol, adding, “I’m hoping to leave them all with a few ideas as well.”




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