Barickman co-sponsors resolution to oppose further tax hikes

Springfield – On Tax Day 2018, as Illinois residents feel the first big tax bills from the massive state tax hike passed last year, State Sen. Jason Barickman’s (R-Bloomington) joined with several colleagues to oppose further flat or graduated tax hikes that are being discussed in the Capitol.

“We hear firsthand everyday about how that hike is hurting families and employers,” said Sen. Barickman. “Yet there is a push underway by some in Springfield to raise taxes even higher. We have to draw a line.”

The plans being talked about in Springfield include changing the Illinois Constitution to allow for a graduated or progressive income tax, allowing for higher tax rates on higher incomes and business owners, along with a “fake progressive tax” proposed on the campaign trail that would hike all rates and possibly offer some credits to reduce the tax burden for certain people.

“It’s unconscionable to me that anyone would suggest hiking taxes further, or to ask people to support amending the constitution to allow a graduated tax that would hit employers and job creators even harder,” said Barickman. “We know we need serious work to make our state friendlier to employers if we hope to begin growing jobs again. We also need stability for businesses to feel secure in investing here. Tax hikes and progressive tax schemes with variable rates do neither.”

Sen. Barickman is co-sponsoring Senate Resolution 1590, which stands against changing the constitution to create a graduated tax rate. He joined with several of his colleagues at a Capitol press conference on April 17 to stand opposed to the concept of a job-killing graduated tax hike.

“State government is already taking more than its share of money from the pockets of the people of Illinois,” said Sen. Barickman. “Meanwhile the majority party has blocked all attempts at reforms that could bring down costs and provide relief to the people of this state.”

Barickman noted legislation that had been blocked from action, including reforms to workers compensation, which is often cited as the biggest problem that is driving businesses, jobs, and people out of the state.

“We should be working on ways to cut spending and lower tax bills, and we could be, but we need help from the other side,” said Barickman. “This state has a spending problem, increasing the tax burden is not the answer.”

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