Barickman government transparency bill signed into law

Provides changes to current grant process, more accountability for tax dollars

State Senator Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington) released the following statement after Senate Bill 2540 was signed into law by Governor Bruce Rauner on Monday, Aug. 20:

“State grants help fund non-profit organizations and others that undertake important work in communities around our state,” said Sen. Barickman. “It’s our duty to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars. This law helps preserve the integrity of state grant recipients who’re making a difference in their community, and hopefully begins to restore taxpayer’s trust in the spending decisions made by their government.”

The law is aimed at protecting the integrity of the non-profit grant process, and makes a multitude of changes to the current grant process—including it restricts grants where agencies receive contracts from themselves, inter-fund transfers, and funds transferred from an appropriated fund to a non-appropriated fund.

Other changes:

Restricts governors from transferring money into other state funds to be used for purposes other than what the legislature intended
Creates a mechanism to allow the comptroller to stop payments in cases where there are issues/concerns about a grant program or recipient

“I believe this will protect these good programs and allow taxpayers to have faith in the integrity of the grant system,” said Sen. Barickman.

Sen. Barickman served as chief sponsor of the legislation. The law was inspired by his work on the Legislative Audit Commission, a bipartisan panel tasked with reviewing state government audits and spending. Senate Bill 2540 is effective immediately.



Alex Williams

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