Barickman urges Governor to extend tax deadline

“I applaud the federal government’s move to delay the deadline to file taxes until July 15th, which provides some much-needed flexibility to people dealing with an unprecedented situation. Illinois needs to follow suit. As anyone who has filed taxes knows, you can’t file your state return without determining your federal AGI first, which is part of your federal tax return. In other words, unless Illinois moves its deadline as well, people here will still have to do all the calculations required to file their federal taxes by April 15,” said State Senator Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington). “In addition, many people, including senior citizens, aren’t yet comfortable with electronic filing or dealing with tax preparers over the phone, so they will still want to meet with their preparer in-person, which isn’t a good idea right now for obvious reasons. I urge Governor Pritzker to move the state filing deadline as soon as possible, so that people and businesses can plan and take advantage of some much-needed flexibility during this difficult time.”

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