Barickman elevated in Republican caucus leadership

When the Illinois Senate convenes for the 102nd General Assembly, State Senator Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington) will be serving as both the new Caucus Chair and the Floor Leader for the Senate Republicans.

“It’s an honor to be able to take an even larger role in the leadership of our caucus,” said Barickman. “I look forward to working with my colleagues to tackle the major issues facing our state, and to continue to push for the kind of fiscal and good government reforms that our citizenry is still waiting for.”

The Bloomington Senator was elevated to the role of Caucus Chair by new Senate Republican Leader Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods). Senator Barickman had previously served as an Assistant Republican Leader under the two previous leaders.

“I’m proud and thankful to have Sen. Barickman’s expertise as our Caucus Chair and Floor Leader,” said Illinois Senate GOP Leader-Designate Dan McConchie. “From education funding to expanding economic opportunities, Jason has spent his legislative career crafting and supporting creative solutions to some of Illinois’ toughest problems. He is a leader in and out of the capitol and I am excited to work with him to bring more creativity, responsibility and effectiveness to our legislative process.”

As Caucus Chair, Barickman will have a larger role in helping to guide the legislative efforts of the Republican Caucus. In addition, Barickman will also serve as the Floor Leader for the Senate Republicans, helping to lead debates on issues and legislation that comes before the Senate.

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