Barickman calls on Governor to improve vaccination program

With Illinois ranked 47th by the New York Times for vaccination distribution, State Senator Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington) is calling on Governor Pritzker to take immediate action to get vaccinations back on track.

The Senator joined with his colleagues in the Senate Republican Caucus to send a letter to the Governor pointing out issues with the rollout of vaccines to the most vulnerable populations. The letter noted that only 20% of vaccine doses allotted to long-term care facilities have been administered to residents. This is despite the fact that the residents of those facilities have accounted for nearly half of all COVID-related deaths.

“There is no excuse for Illinois to be doing such a poor job at taking care of our most vulnerable citizens,” said Barickman. “The current plan isn’t working. It’s time to change course and get the job done.”

Senator Barickman, along with many of his colleagues in the legislature, have been inundated with complaints from residents and family members who are concerned about delays and long waits to get vaccinations. The Senator has repeatedly called on the Governor to move away from his unilateral, go-it-alone approach to combatting the pandemic, and to engage with the legislature so that they can work together.

“Unfortunately, instead of trying to work with the legislature or to change course with the state’s lagging response efforts, the Governor has repeatedly tried to put the blame on the federal government or vaccine shortages,” said Barickman. “The truth is that we have the vaccines on hand right now. The federal government isn’t holding this up. Every other state is facing the same challenges as Illinois, but nearly all of them are doing a better job.”

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