Barickman Cosponsors Constitutional Changes to Empower Voters

An ambitious new package of legislation, cosponsored by State Senator Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington), is aiming to empower Illinois citizens to hold their government accountable and to root out both corruption and bad legislation.

“These constitutional amendments are designed to be a first step toward taking power from the entrenched political class and returning it to the people,” said State Senator Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington). “The people of Illinois deserve to have a government that is efficient, responsive, and accountable, and I believe these three constitutional amendments are a part of getting to that point.”

Senator Barickman is cosponsoring legislation to create three new constitutional amendments.

Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment (SJRCA) 1 would amend the constitution to allow citizens to make broad, structural changes to the Illinois Constitution through the citizen-initiative referendum process. This would eliminate restrictions that have blocked citizen-driven changes in the past, including redistricting reform.

SRCA2 would permit citizens to launch referendums on new Illinois laws. This would create a valuable check on politicians’ ability to impose new mandates on the people of Illinois.

SJRCA3 would expand and strengthen recall provisions in the constitution to include all executive and General Assembly members. Currently the restrictions are so onerous that it would be effectively impossible to successfully recall ineffective, corrupt, or otherwise incapable leaders.

“These amendments, if passed, would put politicians on notice that the citizens of Illinois would have the power to truly hold them accountable,” said Barickman. “It’s long past time that we tilt the balance of power in Illinois back to where it belongs, which is in the hands of the people that government is supposed to serve.”

If the three bills pass the General Assembly, three questions would be placed on the ballot at the next statewide general election where citizens would have the opportunity to decide whether or not to add the amendments to the constitution.


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