Barickman seeks transparency on redistricting

State Senator and Minority Spokesperson of the Illinois Senate Redistricting Committee Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington) released the following statement after the committee’s first hearing held on March 17.

“As this redistricting process begins, there are two fundamental questions the Senate Democrats controlling the process must answer. Will we use accurate data as required by the U.S. Constitution, Illinois Constitution and applicable laws? And, will this redistricting process end the corrupt practice of politicians picking their voters?

“At this first hearing, Senate Democrats offered no answers to these basic questions on transparency. Witnesses from multiple advocacy groups expressed concerns about the Senate Democrats’ flawed redistricting plans. We share their concerns, including that using outdated and faulty data risks the disenfranchisement of at-risk communities. Unfortunately, it appears that some Senate Democrats plan to proceed with their predetermined remap plans despite the overwhelming testimony of their own witnesses. Their choice to ignore the facts to create the most partisan map possible is a huge disservice to their constituents and democracy in Illinois.

“This once-in-a-decade process must be done correctly through the use of accurate data. It also needs to provide us with an opportunity to end the old way of politicians picking their voters and instead empower our citizens to draw maps through an independent commission. The Senate Republican Caucus will continue to fight for the use of accurate data and for the type of transparent process that the people of Illinois deserve.”


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