Senate Passes Barickman Legislation to Help Mead Producers

The state’s producers of Mead could soon get some regulatory help as they work to grow their businesses, due to legislation filed by State Senator Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington) that passed the Illinois Senate on April 21.

“If we want to improve our local economy, we have to let our businesses grow and add jobs, which is what this legislation is designed to do,” said Barickman. “This creates a path to help an entire industry grow and develop in Illinois.”

Barickman’s legislation, SB297, updates state law to properly classify Mead, a wine-like beverage made from honey. The bill allows licensed producers of mead and/or cider to self-distribute up to 5,000 gallons to local breweries that sell their products directly to consumers.

The legislation was inspired by Unpossible Mead, a meadery in Dwight, Il.

“This would allow greater distribution of mead to the public and give brewers an additional gluten free option for customers that are requesting them,” said Brian Galbreath owner of Unpossible Mead in Dwight. “This will help our business to grow and expand and help create additional jobs.”

It’s always an honor to work with constituents to develop new legislation that not only helps them, but is good for the entire state,” said Barickman.

The legislation passed the Illinois Senate and is now headed to the House for consideration in that chamber.


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