Democrats rejecting will of voters with politician-drawn map

Chair of the Senate Redistricting Committee State Senator Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington) released the following statement in response to the Senate Democrats’ posting of their redistricting map.

“In a disappointing, but not surprising move, the Democratic Majorities tonight posted a new politician-drawn legislative map designed behind locked doors to cement their grip on power at the expense of Illinois families.

“The Majority Democrats are rejecting the calls of millions of Illinoisans who no longer want politicians drawing their own districts and picking their own voters. Through numerous public hearings held across the state, dozens of individuals and organizations have called for the Democratic Majority to use actual census data and an independent citizen commission, to draw the redistricting maps in Illinois. Those groups, and all the Illinoisans they represent, should question why their opinions were even asked if the Democrats weren’t going to listen to their answers. In a further erosion of trust, for the first time ever, Illinois Democrats have moved forward without waiting for actual census data to ensure they can pass their own politician-drawn map.

“Many Democratic legislators have held themselves out as reformers who aren’t part of the machine politics of Illinois’ past. Now is their opportunity to demonstrate their independence and reject this politician-drawn map. If enough reformers stand up, these unfair and inaccurate maps can be defeated.

“As a candidate, JB Pritzker repeatedly called for reform and transparency in the redistricting process. He supported independent redistricting on numerous occasions, even pledging to veto this kind of map we saw tonight that was created by legislators, political party leaders and their staffs and allies.

“The Governor should keep his promise to the people of Illinois or he will join a long list of politicians who say one thing and do another. Illinoisans are tired of hypocrites running their state government. Should the Democrats go against their constituents and pass their map, Gov. Pritzker must take this historic opportunity to keep his word and fulfill his promise and veto this politician-drawn map.”

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