Barickman : The people of Illinois need Gov. Pritzker to keep his promise

State Senator Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington), lead Republican on the Senate Redistricting Committee, released the following statement after Democrats rammed their redistricting proposals through the Illinois General Assembly.

“Democrats have now capped off weeks of redistricting hearings by following through with what they intended to do all along. They feigned interest in public input and a fair process, went behind closed doors and came up with maps that were drawn solely to protect the power of their own elected politicians.”

“They continued their cynical, partisan, closed-door process to its legislative conclusion today by ramming through their new politician-drawn maps on party-line votes. This is a shameful day for our state’s government and most importantly for the people of Illinois who deserve fair representation.”

“There is still a chance for transparency and fairness. If Governor Pritzker wants to put the stamp of authenticity on his claims to be a reformer, then he has to follow through on the promise he made to voters to veto this politician-drawn map.”

“Governor Pritzker must keep his promise, and help to restore the faith that so many people want to have in their state government. He alone can put an end to the broken status quo of entrenched politicians picking their voters.”


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