Governor blows chance to fix broken budget

State Senator Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington) released the following statement after Illinois Governor JB Pritzker used his amendatory veto on the Democrats’ budget.

“This whole process is a perfect example of what happens when you slap together a 3,000 page budget in the middle of the night with no transparency and then call it for a vote a few minutes later. Instead of holding public hearings on the budget and giving lawmakers time to study and offer input, Democrats rushed forward and were left with a mess that the Governor had to use his amendatory veto to try to clean up.”

“I’m disappointed however, that the Governor only saw fit to use his amendatory veto to deal with drafting errors. He could have used his pen to remove pay raises for lawmakers, to cut down on the amount of pork, or to reduce the number of new pet programs. This was another opportunity for the Governor to live up to his self-appointed moniker of ‘reformer’, but instead he once again doubled down in support of the failed status quo.”


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