Barickman’s TMJ Legislation Signed into Law

Public employees and their family members who suffer from TMJ, a condition that causes significant pain and other issues with the joint behind the jaw, will soon have the option to purchase health insurance coverage for the condition. State Senator Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington) filed and passed legislation to create new purchasable TMJ coverage options, and his legislation has now been signed into law.

The issue was brought to the Senator’s attention by a constituent, Tony Kestner, whose daughter suffers from TMJ.

“This legislation is an opportunity to make a positive change for people living in my district and across the entire state,” said Barickman. “Giving people more options with their health insurance is the right thing to do.”

The current state insurance code requires the option for coverage for temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) or craniomandibular disorder for most private employees. Optional TMJ coverage has not been offered for many public employees, however, including teachers, police officers, and others.

Senate Bill 499 requires state, county, municipal, school, and several other types of public employers to offer optional TMJ coverage to their employees for an additional premium. Because employees have to pay for the additional coverage, there is no additional cost to the employers.

“On behalf of our daughter, who suffers from TMJ, we are very appreciative of the unanimous, bi-partisan support of SB499 in both chambers. This Bill will ensure those that suffer from TMJ will be able to obtain insurance coverage and get medical treatment,” said Tony Kestner, whose daughter suffers from TMJ. “We’d like to Specifically recognize, chief Sponsor Senator Barickman, chief co-sponsor Senator Jacqueline Collins, House Chief Sponsor Representative Lance Yednock, and House co-Sponsors Dan Caulkins and Kathleen Willis for sponsoring this legislation, and to thank Governor Pritzker for signing it.”

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker signed the bill into law on Friday.



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