Barickman passes new law to improve public notices for foreclosures and help newspaper publishers

Illinois has new a law on the books designed to improve the public notice process for mortgage foreclosures, helping local newspapers as well. State Senator Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington) filed and passed the legislation creating the change, which was signed into law by Illinois Governor JB Pritzker recently.

“The goal of the legislation is to make sure that public notice requirements are met while easing the burden on our local newspapers, which I believe is a definite win-win,” said Barickman. “This is another chance to improve the efficiency and accountable of government for the people.”

Barickman’s legislation, Senate Bill 595, updates requirements for mortgage foreclosure cases to help ensure that public notices are filed on time.

Previously, court clerks were responsible for publishing public notices for mortgage foreclosures. Unfortunately there have been numerous situations where public notices weren’t sent to papers on time, leading to extra costs for publishers and delaying required public notices.

Senate Bill 595, an initiative of the Illinois Press Association, moves the responsibility for publishing the notices to the plaintiff attorneys in those cases.


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